Cubbies Numbutu the Lion

Cubbies Numbutu the Lion

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Numbutu the lion teddy is a lovingly handcrafted soft toy with a unique and durable design. At 13” in height and with the option to embroider Numbutu with your own message, this cuddly lion is sure to be remembered by its owner. While the longevity of this cuddly lion teddy is guaranteed in part by the attention to detail that has gone into selecting its materials and crafting it by hand, its machine washable design is also crucial. With removable stuffing pods, Numbutu can be washed regularly without the risk of lumpy and displaced stuffing. This unique lion teddy is also suitable for all ages making it a suitable gift for almost anyone.

Key Features

  • Official Cubbies soft toy design

  • Lovingly handmade

  • Bespoke design and beautifully embroidered

  • Unique zip design – Enabling you to remove stuffing pods and safely wash your Cubbies teddy

  • Machine washable

  • Safe for all ages

  • Size: 13″ height